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Euro Trip.

In May, I came home to Raleigh to spend the summer teaching swim lessons, just like I’ve done for the past six years. Nothing new, nothing special. Now, it’s nearing the end of August and the fact that I actually graduated from college (and don’t get to go back) is sinking in. Pool season lasts for about three months, and during that time, I’ve taught an average of forty swim lessons a week. It’s time for a break!

In six days, I’ll be leaving for a two-week trip to London, Dublin, and Paris. College grads have been doing the celebratory Euro trip thing for a while now, but my vacation is going to be a little bit different. Continue reading


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On Saturday, I experienced the senior marshmallow fight. As a junior.

Here’s where it started. I had signed up to give a tour to a contingent of Utah fans, so I met up with about a dozen other tour guides in a field across from campus and we waited for the buses with the visitors to arrive. Once all 400 Utah fans were successfully divided up into tour groups, I went on my way with about 30 perky out-of-towners. Continue reading

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