Euro Trip.

In May, I came home to Raleigh to spend the summer teaching swim lessons, just like I’ve done for the past six years. Nothing new, nothing special. Now, it’s nearing the end of August and the fact that I actually graduated from college (and don’t get to go back) is sinking in. Pool season lasts for about three months, and during that time, I’ve taught an average of forty swim lessons a week. It’s time for a break!

In six days, I’ll be leaving for a two-week trip to London, Dublin, and Paris. College grads have been doing the celebratory Euro trip thing for a while now, but my vacation is going to be a little bit different. Most of my friends have already started their jobs, so I’ll be traveling by myself for the majority of the trip. I used AirBnB to book my accommodations, so instead of staying in hostels, I’ll be crashing in spare bedrooms of welcoming hosts. For the non-solo part of my trip, I’ll meet up with my cousin Valerie in Dublin. She’s a Notre Dame grad as well, and we’ll be going to watch the Irish play at Aviva Stadium on September 1.

Here’s a quick run-down of my itinerary:

  • London

I never made it to London during my semester abroad, so I figured I needed to visit. Although I missed the Olympics, I’ll be in town during the opening ceremonies of the Paralympic Games. I’m excited to check out lots of the free museums (especially the British Library and British Museum), and I’ll definitely wander over to Olympic Park. On the way back to Raleigh, I have a one-night layover in London, so I might catch a show then. Any suggestions?

  • Dublin

Valerie and I will be two of the 33,000 Notre Dame fans arriving in Dublin for the ND-Navy game, so I’m sure we’ll manage to find some friends. We have plans to visit the Guinness Storehouse (of course), the Writers’ Museum, and plenty of pubs!

  • Paris

I think I’m most excited for the Paris portion of my trip because I already know what to expect from the city. When I visited Paris before, I was with a huge group of college boys, and I had a taste of what it’d be like to explore the city on my own. While I’m there, I’ll be taking a half day cooking class called “Le Croissant & French Pastries.” I’m also going to spend a day at Disneyland Paris since I wrote my senior thesis about the Frontierland area of the park!

Since I’m not bringing a computer, I’ll be limited to blogging from my phone. Most likely, I will be able to tweet, so follow me on Twitter at @amyholsinger.


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