Lindsay and Seventeen Magazine.

Let’s put a Notre Dame student on the cover of Seventeen Magazine!

Last fall, I wrote a story about Lindsay Brown. She was a member of the team that won the 2010 NCAA Division I Women’s Soccer National Championship, she sold rainbow cupcakes to support girls’ education, she started the first girls’ soccer team in Nepal, she starred in a Notre Dame “What Would You Fight For?” commercial that aired on NBC during a football game, and she established her own non-profit called The SEGway Project. She also lived next-door to me during her freshman year.

Lindsay and the Kopila Valley School soccer team

Lindsay and I became friends when we had a class together the year before she went to Nepal. I followed her blog for the whole summer that she worked at the Kopila Valley School, and I was captivated by the stories she told. Lindsay marked her time in Nepal by the relationships she formed and the friendships she made. Her enthusiasm is infectious, as is her humility. When I interviewed Lindsay for the story I was working on for class, I found myself listening wide-eyed and open-jawed as she described her experience being recognized at the Google Zetigeist conference as one of ten Young Minds who were going to change the world. At Zeitgeist, Lindsay spent time networking with people like Cory Booker, Cindy McCain, Sandra Day O’Connor, and Richard Branson. Even though Lindsay missed class to attend the conference (and to speak at the Orange County Women in Sports Celebration with soccer player Julie Foudy), many of her peers are unaware of the incredible work that Lindsay is doing because she simply doesn’t talk about it.

But now, Lindsay is being recognized on a scale that’s hard to ignore. She’s one of five finalists for Seventeen Magazine’s “Pretty Amazing” contest. The winner will be on the October cover of Seventeen and will receive a $20,000 scholarship. Lindsay is spending the summer in Cambodia with an organization working to stop child sex trafficking, but Seventeen is flying her from Phnom Penh to New York City for a four day photo shoot in a few weeks. After a few days of pampering and press conferences, Lindsay will head back overseas to do the work she loves before starting her senior year of college.

Here’s the link to voting:

Here’s the link to a slideshow of some of Lindsay’s “Top 10 Amazing Life Moments:”

Please pass the links around and share Lindsay’s story and the story of the amazing girls she coaches.

Go vote, and go Irish!


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