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I guess I kind of lied when I said my blog was back.

Judging by the two posts I’ve written in eight weeks of school, I haven’t been writing as prolifically as I’d hoped I would this semester.

I’ve been thinking a lot about why I’m not writing, and I’ve realized that I have imposed a weird self-censorship this fall.

This summer, I didn’t blog because I was interning at an advertising agency with a huge digital component. We were expected to be fluent in social media, and as a result, we were not discouraged from checking Facebook and Twitter (and blogs) at work. I had lots of thoughts and opinions and anecdotes to share from my first grown-up internship, but because this blog is public, I had no way of knowing who might see my musings. I definitely didn’t want to get in trouble with the company’s social media policy for inadvertently revealing classified agency or client information, so I kept my trap shut.

Now, I’m a Resident Assistant at Notre Dame. I supervise 37 women – 12 freshmen, 10 sophomores, 10 juniors, and five seniors. I love being an RA, and the experience has given me great fodder for the blog, but I don’t know quite how confidential I should be. I’ve come across a lot of great stories in the dorm, but a lot of them aren’t really mine to tell.

I had been restricting my blogging because of my career search, but that’s about to change. I was nervous to generate new content because in the past, my commentary has been of a fairly personal nature. I didn’t want to seem unprofessional. But let’s face it – I’m not a professional (yet). I’m a college student. And since I’m not taking the old blog posts down, I might as well keep the content on my home page current and fresh.

Interview season is gearing up, and I think my blog is actually a huge asset when it comes to differentiating myself from other students seeking employment since I have a repository of writing samples (some better than others) ready to share. Frankly, the blog is a really fun conversation piece and it makes a great interview answer about the power of social media  – remember the time I had 24,000 hits in a day?

So I’m going to reboot the blog for the semester. Now it’s really back.



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I was fortunate to be able to live with family friends this summer while I interned in Chicago. It was a great situation – when they were around, we’d hang out, but when they were gone, I had the place to myself and they had a de facto house-sitter. I was fine on my own, but the house was still big and creaky, so rather than blasting reruns of Celebrity Rehab to fill the space with noise, I decided to re-learn how to whistle.

I had braces for two and a half years. During that time I completely lost the ability to whistle – must have been something about the way the braces changed the shape of my lips. When the braces came off, I was too busy being psyched about my newly non-gappy teeth to care much about the lack of whistling in my life.

Anyway, in June, I decided to get back on the whistling bandwagon. I noticed it everywhere – everyone was whistling but me! It seemed like every song I heard had a crazy-cool whistling bit that I just couldn’t imitate.

It was time.

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