It’s that time again. The beginning of a new year, a new semester. It’s the time of year when college students embarking on study abroad journeys decide to start travel blogs. Sometimes, such blogs are created because of a genuine desire to keep family abreast of exciting adventures, but usually the blogs are an attempt to make friends slogging through snow at home jealous of the traveling student’s exploits.

I’m one of those traveling students now, but I have some promises to make. Call them New Year’s Resolutions if you will, since I probably won’t stick with my resolution to floss.

I’d like to think that I’m capable of keeping these promises because I know how this blogging thing works. I’m no veteran, but I’m no newcomer either. There are busy days and slow days, good posts and mediocre posts. Last week, WordPress sent me an email that contained my blog’s statistics for 2010. AmyUnsettled had over 50,000 unique views last year. Wow!


I promise that this blog will be different than all of the other student travel blogs you may have the pleasure of following.

I promise that this blog will not become a list of the bars I visit.

I promise not to abandon my blog halfway through the semester.

I promise to post pictures of the places I go and of the things I see.

I promise to write enthusiastically, honestly, and frequently.

I promise to catalog the fun, special things I do, and I promise to catalog the normal, everyday things as well.

I promise to keep my family abreast of my exciting adventures.

And I promise to make my friends slogging through snow at home a little jealous, too. 🙂


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  1. wow…by just saying it your already made me jealous. lol. miss you already and can’t wait to see what you post/write about it!

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