Moving Forward.

My legions of loyal readers have been crying out for new reading material.

(Not really.)

But it has been awhile since my last post on AmyUnsettled.

Why? Well, I’ve been busy. Busy doing what? I’ll tell ya.

Since my last post on November 19, a lot has happened. I had interviews for a Resident Assistant (RA) position during my senior year and for a handful of summer internship jobs. I took finals and waved goodbye to Notre Dame until August. I finished (and started…) a 54-page paper on the research I did while I was in India this summer.

And now I’m getting ready to go to Rome.

Like I said, I’ve been busy.

My apologies for the lack of action over here, but stick around. Things will pick up soon. The next five months are going to be fun. Really fun.


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