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I did not know Declan Sullivan.

On Wednesday, Declan was killed on campus in an accident involving a hydraulic lift. He was filming football practice for his job as a student manager, and high winds caused the scissor lift he was filming from to topple over.

He was 20 years old. He was a junior majoring in FTT (film, television, and theater) and marketing. He lived in Fisher Hall.

Tonight, Father John Jenkins, University President, presided over a Mass in Declan’s memory in the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. Continue reading



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No Smoking.

Last week, I was shocked when a pack of Marlboros fell out of the pocket of a boy sitting in front of me in class. I actually recoiled in surprise at the sight of the red box on the floor. Clearly, two decades of “Just Say No” education hadn’t had any effect on my classmate.

Over fall break of my freshman year, I visited friends at the University of North Carolina and at East Carolina University. At both schools, the cigarette butts jammed in sidewalk cracks, the overflowing ashtrays, and the smelly side entrances to buildings appalled me. Around the time of my visit, the big news on campus at UNC was the newly instated ban on smoking within 100 feet of buildings. Despite signs and posters announcing the new policy, it seemed like everywhere I looked, students were flagrantly violating the ban.

Nobody smokes at Notre Dame. Continue reading


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