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I didn’t enter the Hesburgh Library at all during my freshman year. I only learned how to check out books last spring when I had a research project about the musical “Oklahoma!”. I got to use a book from Special Collections for that paper. They sent someone down to the vault to find the book and the nice librarian kept it on hold for me for two whole weeks. I wasn’t allowed to check that one out—I had to go to the reading room and prop the book up on foam bolsters and hold down the pages with silky beanbag snakes. It all felt very academic.

I don’t think many people really explore the library. They see it as a place to come and suffer during finals week, or maybe as a “warm cut” to get from the parking lot to North Quad in the winter. I’m going to come here more often, sometimes to do work, but maybe sometimes just to wander about. Continue reading



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Welcome to Notre Dame.

I got a new job this semester. In addition to my office assistant position with Notre Dame Upward Bound, I am now a tour guide for the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Normally, I give admissions tours to groups of prospective students and their parents, but last weekend, I gave a tour to a rather non-traditional crowd.

My dad and 11 of his friends came to Notre Dame for the game against Michigan. The football game was the highlight of their “Boys Bash” weekend, a celebratory gathering of a dozen guys who all happened to have been born in 1960. Since they all celebrate(d) their 50th birthdays in 2010, they decided to plan a weekend of doing manly things. The debauchery kicked off with a Friday night of drinking and gambling at a casino in Michigan. On Saturday, they chartered a van, rode down to Notre Dame for the game, and shared dinner afterwards. They christened the weekend “The Semi-Centennial.” Continue reading


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Ara’s Era.

Saturday was the beginning of a new era—the Brian Kelly era. The Notre Dame football team faced off against Purdue, and Brian Kelly won his first game as head coach of the Fighting Irish.

Saturday was also the beginning of my third season in the student section. Game days are always busy, but they’re always fun, too. I decided to kick off the football season by waking up early and wandering over to the gym. I figured I’d get in a quick workout before making the rounds through the tailgate lots and consuming every calorie I burned off while exercising. Continue reading


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Notre Dame has an undergraduate population of about 8,000 and a graduate student population of about 2,000. Notre Dame Stadium has capacity for 80,795 spectators. Until 1996, Rock’s House had seats for 59,075 fans. The stadium was renovated in 1997 for the first time since its dedication in 1930, and the University added 21,000 seats in an upper bowl. Notre Dame has sold out every home game since 1966 except for the Thanksgiving Day game against Air Force in 1973. If we begin in 1973, Notre Dame has a 214 game sell-out streak.

Let’s do some math. Continue reading


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