I have sung the praises of the News & Observer. I’ve devoted multiple entries to some of the N&O’s most excellent features (obituaries, Carolina Outdoors, wedding announcements). Today, I am sad to announce that my unwavering devotion to my favorite Raleigh daily has wavered.

On the front page of today’s “Life, Etc.” section, the N&O featured a story about a pair of recent college grads who are orchestrating a plan to “smash the Guinness world record for most people spooning” at a music festival in Mebane, NC. As I perused the page, I noticed a familiar name about halfway through the article.

“Last year, 145 students at Notre Dame University lay side-to-side on the South Quad, shattering an old mark of 93.”

—-record scratch—

Huh? What is this “Notre Dame University”?

I found the writer’s contact information and sent him this email:

Hi Josh,

Thanks for the article about the Mebane attempt to break the Guinness record for spooning people. However, as a proud Domer and participant in an earlier attempt to break the spooning record, I have to correct you. I attend the “University of Notre Dame” (du Lac, if you want to be fancy about it). “Notre Dame University” isn’t a place.

It’s not very often that Notre Dame gets publicity in the N&O–although yesterday, our former QB Jimmy Clausen had a picture and a headline on the back of the sports section–so I feel duty-bound to stand up for my university. Did you know that there were more freshman students from Hawaii than there were from North Carolina at Notre Dame during my first year? It’s the truth. Notre Dame needs all the positive press it can get in the Old North State. I’m just doing my small part to raise awareness.

Thanks again–have a great day (:

Amy Holsinger

University of Notre Dame
Class of 2012

Feeling rather smug and satisfied with my wit, I sat back and patiently awaited what I was sure would be an equally humorous and good-natured response. Nine hours later, Josh Shaffer replied:

Apologies to you and all the Damers. Domers?

N&O, you’ve let me down 😦



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2 responses to “Damers.

  1. Dan Jukic

    Ha ha. Damers. Sounds like something from the 20’s. This guy clearly doesn’t follow college sports — or read any sports reporting.

    Nice stat on the paltry numbers of NC kids at ND. That’s actually really interesting.

  2. jack rosshirt

    You are an excellent writer. Keep it up and may it bring success and happiness.

    Any relation to Holsingers who lived in East Lansing Michigan about 60 years ago? He worked at MSU.
    If you wish to get petty you can point out the NC-UND football record.

    Jack Rosshirt, ’54,’56

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